The Daily News | February 17

International Exhibit of Modern Art held (New York), 1913
PTA founded, 1897
Voice of America began broadcasting to the Soviet Union, 1947
Richard Nixon left for Peking, 1972
Elvis Presley received his first gold album (“Elvis”), 1960
US government got its first loan, 1790
Gas-burning street lights first installed in US (Baltimore), 1817
“Madame Butterfly” premiered, 1904
Thomas Jefferson chosen as the third President by the US House, 1801
Thelonius Monk, jazz musician, died, 1982
First issue of “News-Week” (later “Newsweek”) published, 1933
Heinrich Heine, German author, died, 1856
Largest corporate losses in US history reported (Chrysler Corp.), 1981
First ship passed through Suez Canal, 1867
Fort Sumter returned to Union control after a year and a half siege, 1865
“Baby Face” Nelson escaped prison, 1932
Johnson and Johnson suspended production of all non-prescription drugs, 1986
Geronimo (Goyathlay), Apache leader, died, 1909
First municipal veterinary hospital opened (Los Angeles, W.E. Ziegler), 1971
Film version of “Phantom Lady” released, 1944
Jean Baptiste Poquelin (a.k.a. Moliere), French actor and dramatist, died, 1673
Sir Wilfred Laurier, Canadian statesman, died, 1919
Third permanent artificial heart installed (Murray Haydon, Louisville, Kentucky), 1985
Columbia (South Carolina) occupied by Union troops, 1865