The Daily News | December 9

Woodrow Wilson won the Nobel Peace Prize, 1920
John Lennon killed, 1980
First paired six-day bicycle race (New York), 1961
Samual Woolworth died, 1842
Ralph Johnson Bunch, US statesman and UN official, died, 1971
The Chicago Auditorium opened, 1889
UN General Assembly approved Genocide Punishment Convention, 1948
First American monoplane flown, 1909
First formal cremation of human remains in US (Henry Laurens), 1792
“Tommy” premiered (London), 1973
“The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson published, 1854
Battle at Great Bridge (Virginia), 1775
12th Amendment to the US Constitution passed (new electoral college rules), 1803
Ball-bearing roller skates patented, 1884
Patent of exploration granted to “Company of Adventurers to the New World”, 1502
First Christmas card created (England), 1842
First daily newspaper founded (“American Minerva” - Noah Webster, New York), 1793
Charles Robb married Lynda Bird Johnson, 1967
Christmas Seals first placed on sale in the Post Office in Wilmington, Delaware, 1907
Tanganyika became independent of Britain, 1961