The Daily News | October 8

Don Larsen pitched a perfect World Series game, 1956
First VisiCalc prototype, 1978
Felix Salten, Viennese author (“Bambi”), died, 1945
Henry Fielding, novelist, died, 1754
Willy Brandt, former West German chancellor, died, 1992
Battle of Perryville (Tennessee), 1862
Wendell Lewis Willkie, Republican politician, died, 1944
Acadians expelled from Nova Scotia, 1755
Forest fire in Peshtigo, Wisconsin began (1200 killed), 1871
John Hancock, American patriot, died, 1793
Clement Richard Attlee, former British Prime Minister, died, 1967
Franklin Pierce, 14th US president, died, 1869
Volstead Act (prohibiting sale or consumption of alcohol) passed, 1919
Sgt. Alvin C. York won the Medal of Honor, 1918
First prison build for and managed by women (Indianapolis, Indiana), 1873
Great Chicago Fire broke out (250 killed), 1871