The Daily News | January 16

Caroll John Daly, mystery writer, died, 1958
Set uid bit patent issued, 1979
“I Love a Mystery”, radio show, debuted, 1939
Last “Bonanza” episode, 1973
Virginia adopted a religious freedom statute, 1786
Gold at $760/ounce (London), 1980
Marshall Field, Chicago department store founder, died, 1906
US Civil Service established, 1883
Development of SDI (a.k.a. “Star Wars”) authorized, 1984
Carole Lombard, actress, died, 1942
Aleksandr Fedorovich Middendorf, natural historian, died, 1894
Luna 21 (USSR) landed on the moon, 1973
18th Amendment to the US Constitution (prohibition) ratified, 1919
First day of filming “Dr. No”, 1962
Edmund Spenser, English poet (“The Faerie Queene”), died, 1599
“I Wake Up Screaming” released, 1944
Albert “the Cannibal” Fish, child murderer, executed (Sing Sing), 1936
First nonstop round-the-world flight, 1957
18th Amendment to the US Constitution (prohibition) became effective, 1920
US and allies airstrike against Iraq, 1991
Leon Trotsky dismissed as chairman of the Russian Revolutionary Military Council, 1925
Simba, history’s largest lion, died, 1973
Edward Gibbon, English historian (“The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”), died, 1794
“Hello, Dolly!” opened on Broadway, 1964