The Daily News | January 10

Exile of Leon Trotsky ordered by Soviet officials, 1928
Soyuz 17 (USSR) launched, 1975
Johann Georg Adam Forster, natural historian, died, 1794
Soyuz 27 (USSR) launched, 1978
First radar signal to Moon (from Belmar, New Jersey), 1946
Standard Oil incorporated, 1870
US established full diplomatic relations with the Vatican, 1984
First subway opened (London), 1863
(Harry) Sinclair Lewis, novelist (“Main Street”), died, 1951
Florida seceded from the Union, 1861
Burton Lane’s “Finian’s Rainbow” opened on Broadway, 1947
George Meany, labor leader, died, 1980
Milwaukee ended the Los Angeles Lakers 33 game winning streak, 1972
League of Nations came into being, 1920
Dr. Samuel A. Mudd, gave medical aid to John Wilkes Booth, died, 1883
First oil gusher (Beaumont, Texas), 1901
William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody, US frontiersman, died, 1917
First CDC 1604 delivered (to US Navy), 1960
Harold Macmillan succeeded Anthony Eden as British Prime Minister, 1957
Howlin’ Wolf, blues guitarist, died, 1976
Carolus Linnaeus, Swedish father of modern systematic botany, died, 1778
“Common Sense” by Thomas Paine published, 1776
National Educational Television (forerunner of PBS) began operation, 1967
First meeting of the UN General Assembly (London), 1946