The Daily News | April 16

Francisco Jose de Goya, Spanish painter, died, 1828
Apollo 16 (US) launched, 1972
Albert Hoffman took the world’s first LSD trip, 1943
Slavery abolished in Washington DC, 1862
Minnesota Abrasive Co. incorporated (forerunner of 3M), 1901
Sir David Lean, film director, died, 1991
Svetlana Alliluyeva, daughter of Stalin, returned to US, 1986
The communist era in Afghanistan ended, 1992
Gaston Leroux, author (“The Phantom of the Opera”), died, 1927
Zoom lens first demonstrated (New York), 1947
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching established, 1905
Aphra Behn, novelist and playwright, died, 1689
Iron pile lighthouse at Minot’s Ledge, Massachusetts swept away, 1851
Province of New Jersey for sale ($25,000), 1681
Bob Feller threw the only Opening Day No-Hitter in baseball history, 1940
Edna Ferber, novelist (“So Big”), died, 1968
Book-of-the-Month Club distributed its first Selection (“Lolly Willowes”), 1926
Natural Bridges National Monument established, 1908
First professionally produced US play with a US subject (“The Contrast”, New York), 1787
Michigan became the first US state to ban DDT, 1969