The Daily News | April 22

Start of the Oklahoma land rush (20,000 homesteaders), 1889
Bram Stoker, author, died, 1912
“Barney Blake, Police Reporter” premiered on NBC TV, 1948
Rupert Brooke, English poet, died, 1915
Harland Fiske Stone, former US Supreme Court Chief Justice, died, 1946
Henry VIII became English Sovereign, 1509
Jose Sarney sworn in as Brazil’s first civilian president in 21 years, 1985
“In God We Trust” approved as US motto, 1864
Pennsylvania abolished capital punishment except for first degree murder, 1794
Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th US president, died, 1994
Tom Seaver (New York Mets) struck out ten consecutive batters (San Diego), 1970
First US railroad crossed the Mississippi River, 1855
First three homer baseball game in American League (Ken Williams, St. Louis Browns, Sportsman’s Park), 1922
German forces became the first to use poison gas, 1915