The Daily News | May 20

Gasoline $1.29/gallon in Sacramento, California, 1979
Council of Nicaea I, 325
Charles Lindbergh’s non-stop flight to Paris began, 1927
Christopher Columbus died, 1506
International Bureau of Weights and Measures established, 1875
Cameroon declared a republic, 1972
First woman to fly across Atlantic solo (Amelia Earhart), 1932
Pioneer Venus I (US) launched, 1978
Pan American Airways began flights between US and Europe, 1939
Gilda Radner, comedienne, died, 1989
The Marquis de Lafayette, French hero of US Revolution, died, 1834
Fountain pen patented (D. Hyde), 1830
First school maintained by community taxes established (Dorchester, Massachusetts), 1639
Lincoln signed the Homestead Act, 1862
Residents of Mecklenburg, North Carolina signed US Declaration of Independence from England, 1775
Levi’s (riveted pocket pants) patented, 1873