The Daily News | July 16

Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Abraham Lincoln, died, 1882
Cream formed, 1966
Pittsburgh Pirates moved into Three River Stadium, 1970
Harry Chapin died, 1981
US Transcontinental speed record set (John Glenn), 1957
La Paz (Bolivia) founded, 1548
First atomic bomb exploded (Alamogordo, New Mexico), 1945
Herbert von Karajan died, 1989
Congress designated DC as the seat of the US government, 1790
Philippine earthquake (1621 killed), 1990
First automatic parking meters installed (Oklahoma City), 1935
Hilaire Belloc, English writer, died, 1953
Henry James, American novelist, became a British citizen, 1915
Heinrich Boll, German novelist, died, 1985
Wayne King, orchestra leader (“the Waltz King”), died, 1985
617 area code split into 617 and 508, 1988
Russian Czar Nicholas II and family executed by Bolsheviks, 1918
Nixon’s secret taping system revealed, 1973
Apollo 11 (US), first manned lunar landing mission, launched, 1969
“Catcher in the Rye” first published, 1951