The Daily News | August 24

Bayard Rustin, civil rights leader, died, 1987
Bob Dylan debuted (Newport), 1965
Voyager II scheduled to encounter Neptune, 1989
Route 128 around Boston opened, 1951
US Communist Control Act went into effect, 1954
Delaware awarded to William Penn, 1682
Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre (France), 1572
US Parcel post system authorized, 1913
Scott Nearing, US sociologist and author, died, 1983
British troops burned Washington DC, 1814
First woman to fly non-stop across US (Amelia Earhart), 1932
“Alice’s Restaurant” premiered, 1969
Scientific observation post in Greenland established by US, 1887
German Battleship Bismarck commissioned, 1940
Fans (60,916) choose old New England Patriots logo over new, 1979
US National Medal of Science authorized, 1959
Pete Rose banned from baseball for life (A. Bartlett Giamatti), 1989
Thomas Chatterton, poet and forger, died, 1770
Kate Douglas Wiggin, author (“Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”), died, 1923
France detonated its first hydrogen bomb, 1968