The Daily News | October 1

First episode of “The Honeymooners” aired, 1955
NASA inaugurated, 1958
“The Thiller in Manila” (Ali beat Frazier), 1975
Model T Ford introduced, 1908
General Francisco Franco proclaimed head of Spain, 1936
Communist China founded, 1949
First section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike opened, 1940
Nigeria became a republic, 1963
First city directory in US published (Philadelphia), 1785
E.B. White, essayist, died, 1985
Final baseball game played at Shibe Park (Philadelphia), 1970
Nigeria became independent, 1960
Maria Mitchell discovered a comet later named after her, 1847
Allied forces captured Naples, 1943
Berkshire Cattle Show opened (Pittsfield, Massachusetts), 1810
Pierre Corneille, playwright, died, 1684
Martin Bormann sentenced to death in absentia at Nuremberg, 1946
Walt Disney World (Florida) opened, 1971
Pele played a farewell game at the Meadowlands (New Jersey), 1977
Babe Ruth’s “called” home run, 1932
John Philip Sousa became conductor of the US Marine Corps Band, 1880
University of Chicago began classes, 1892
Roger Maris hit his 61st home run of the season (a new record), 1961
“Night of the Living Dead premiered, 1968
Carl Yastrzemski rounded Fenway Park during a farewell ceremony, 1983
US special delivery mail service began, 1885
Alexander the Great defeated the Persian army in what is now Iraq, -331
US Post Office began rural free delivery, 1896
Free Speech movement launched (University of California, Berkeley), 1964
“Racer’s” Hurricane (Gulf of Mexico), 1837
First World Series opened in Boston (Pilgrims 3 - Pittsburgh Pirates 7), 1903
Beef first exported from New York to England, 1875