The Daily News | March 1

Seat belts became mandatory on US cars, 1968
Saint David died, 589
First NPL (later PL/I) report published, 1964
US Peace Corps formed, 1961
Radioactivity discovered (Henri Becquerel), 1896
Ohio became 17th US state, 1803
Joe Louis retired as world heavyweight champion, 1949
First black woman to receive MD, 1864
Surprise Union raid on Richmond, Virginia (failed), 1864
Charles A. Lindbergh Jr kidnapped, 1932
Pennsylvania became the first state to abolish slavery, 1780
Nebraska became the 37th US state, 1867
Articles of Confederation adopted by the American colonies, 1781
First ‘Family Circus’ cartoon, 1960
Stephen Sondheim’s “Sweeney Todd” opened on Broadway, 1979
Avalanche, Wellington, Washington, 1910
Korean independence movement against Japanese colonial rule, 1919
Golden Dawn officially established, 1888
Venera 3 (USSR), became the first spacecraft to impact Venus, 1966
First US national census authorized, 1790
Sarah Goode, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba arrested for witchcraft, 1692
Yellowstone National Park established, 1872