The Daily News | July 19

German armies began retreating across the Marne River, 1918
Franco-Prussian war began, 1870
Washington Senators stole eight bases in first inning, 1915
Kremlin construction began, 1485
John Fairfax finished rowing across the Atlantic ocean, 1969
Petrarch, Italian poet, died, 1374
NASA selected Christa McAuliffe to ride the space shuttle, 1985
United DC-10 crash (111 killed), 1989
Johnstown, Pennsylvania flooded (68 killed, 2000 homeless), 1977
Second attempt to capture Fort Wagner, 1863
Margaret Fuller (Sarah Margaret Fuller), social reformer, died, 1850
Lady Jane Grey deposed as Queen of England, 1553
Mary Jo Kopechne drowned on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts, 1969
Caroline Kennedy married Edwin Schlossberg, 1986
Moscow Summer Olympics began (minus dozens of boycotting nations), 1980
Tojo Hideki, Japanese prime minister, resigned, 1944
Seabrook (New Hampshire) nuclear power plant first ran at full power, 1990
Five Massachusetts women executed for witchcraft, 1692