The Daily News | October 23

241 US Marines and 58 French soldiers killed in Beirut, 1983
Hungarian Revolution began, 1956
Record balloon ascent (57,579 feet) (Jeannette and Jean Piccard), 1934
Battle of Leyte Gulf began, 1944
British eighth army launched an offensive at El Alamein in Egypt, 1942
Cardiac pacemaker developed, 1950
Earth created at 9 am (Genesis Mean Time), according to James Ussher, -4004
“Barefoot in the Park” opened, 1963
King Chulalongkorn the Great, abolisher of slavery in Thailand, died, 1910
Earthquakes hit Nicaragua (>10,000 killed), 1972
Zane Grey, dentist and author (“Riders of the Purple Sage”), died, 1939
Al Jolson (Asa Yoelson), singer-actor, died, 1950
Videotape first used airing a program (“The Jonathan Winters Show”), 1956
Hungary declared itself an independent republic, 1989
First Jew to hold a cabinet appointment (Oscar S. Straus - Secretary of Commerce and Labor), 1906
Stephen Schwartz’s “Pippin” opened on Broadway, 1972
Giovanni da Capistrano (a.k.a. Saint John of Capistrano), Franciscan lawyer and educator, died, 1456
First old-age colony dedicated (Milville, New Jersey), 1936