The Daily News | December 10

Peace treaty signed, ending the Spanish-American War, 1898
Armand Hammer died, 1990
Alfred Damon Runyon, US newspaperman and author, died, 1946
Soyuz 26 (USSR) launched, 1977
Bill to balance the federal budget passed by Congress, 1985
First Nobel prizes awarded, 1901
First “planet” outside our solar system discovered, 1984
“Gift of the Magi” published, 1905
Alfred Bernhardd Nobel, Swedish chemist and engineer, died, 1896
1,000,000th Ford automobile built, 1915
Japanese troops landed on northern Luzon in the Philippines, 1941
Red Cloud, Sioux indian chief, died, 1909
First American woman won the Nobel Peace Prize (Jane Addams), 1931
Metric system established in France, 1799
Wyoming became the first state to grant women the right to vote, 1869
Joseph Dalton Hooker, botanist, died, 1911
First black American won the Nobel Peace Prize (Ralph J. Bunche), 1950
Mississippi became the 20th US state, 1817
Mets trade Nolan Ryan and three others to Angels for Jim Fregosi, 1971
Jared Kirtland, US physician and naturalist, died, 1877